ARVIPO collaborates in the VIPO project.

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The pruning training tool in a virtual environment
ARVIPO collaborates in the VIPO project.

ARVIPO participates in an innovative project to facilitate the qualification of personnel to carry out pruning tasks in the vineyard through a training tool based on virtual reality.

The VIPO project aims to respond to the demand of wineries for qualified personnel by generating a technological training solution that will contribute to improving the competitiveness of the sector.

ARVIPO participates in the development of a sensorized pruning shear prototype that responds in a virtual environment and allows simulating an experience as close to reality, faithful to the parameters of a real vineyard.

The initiative is coordinated by the INNOVI cluster and together with ARVIPO, entities and companies from the sector EURECAT, Bodega CUATRO RAYAS, VITARTIS and VITIVIN participate.


ARVIPO colabora en el proyecto VIPO.


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