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Technology innovation and security in agricultural machinery design

In ARVIPO we invest in innovation, improving our products, increasing their performance and reliability and adapting to our customers’ demands.

This is the philosophy behind our pruning equipment ARVIPO PS60, a step forward into agricultural and gardening technology.

From it, with the nickel to lithium battery change, we create the pruning equipment ARVIPO PS100 LITHIUM, an improve in durability and performance, and, with the incorporation of the Security Cut CPS System, we present the pruning equipment ARVIPO PS110, emerging so an electric robust and safe shear with an inner cutting-edge technology that makes itself a great allie in the field.

The last progress consists in reliable and incredibly effective equipment with the great advantage of connecting shear to the battery without cables. Cordless Arvipo and Ecopruning equipment show applications of all kind, as outputs that convert a hard work into a lighter task.

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