Power and robustness

ARVIPO PS110 professional equipment for extensive pruning stands out for its power, cutting speed, servo-control precision, low consumption and great robustness. This characteristics of the PS110 make it a high performance pruning shear which meets all professional high level pruning requirements.

The progressive cut control allows a perfect blade position improving, therefore, access to any stem or branch. Its special head assembled on bearings (Pat.), without daily neither maintenance, adjustment nor greasing, ensures a precise and clean cut that facilitates an easier healing, avoiding diseases.

The ergonomy together with the housing design and the cut blade orientation, gives a better control over the shear, reducing the user's effort and making easier his work.

Arvipo Shear PS110 is the natural successor of the PS100, evolved and perfectioned, developing more cut power, autonomy and less maintenance

This shear model can be ordered with two different heads, OPTIMA or PLUS, depending on pruning kind. Both blades have been perfectioned with a concave reemptying allowing a greater cut penetration with less mechanical and energetical wear.

GOLD blade has a titanium coating that makes it even more hard and effective in aggressive prunings.


  • CUT PREVENT SYSTEM protects from any cut, scissors stop in contact with the user’s skin.
  • Effective in all weather conditions.
  • SMART BLADE: intelligent blades that prevent unwanted cutting of the wire.

Tijera de Poda PS110

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